Mercedes-Benz Repair Services

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Mercedes-Benz Engines Repair Services

The engine is the heart of your car, it’s repair should be trusted to highly qualified specialists.

The list of services:

  • Visual inspection and malfunction determination.
  • Repair and replacement of components of valve timing, balancing shaft and chain.
  • Repair of the engine cylinder head.
  • Checking and replacement of fuel injectors (when required use of special equipment)
  • Replacement of sealing washer nozzles CDI
  • Test and replacement of heating plugs
  • Extraction of broken candles with special equipment
  • Repair and cleaning of intake manifolds
  • Replacement and repair of turbines
  • Test and repair of the engine cooling system
  • Verification and repair of the engine
  • Verification and repair of gas engine factory equipment

Transmission Repair

Skilled craftsmen of MB Abi will produce powertrain diagnostics, identify the problem and fix it.

The list of services:

  • Replacement of the clutch
  • Transmission repair
  • Transfer case repair
  • Restoration and replacement of the propeller shaft
  • Replacement and repair of differentials
  • Replacement and repair of semi-axes
  • Suspension repair
  • Brake system repair

Automatic Transmission Repair

One of the most important and complex mechanisms of the vehicle is gearbox. It requires a regular care and special attention. At MB Abi you can get the following repair services:

  • Complete replacement of fluid in the automatic transmission
  • Transmission flush
  • Disassembly of the unit and repair determination
  • Replacement of broken-down parts
  • Replacement of the converter
  • Repair or replacement of the valve body
  • Reset and restore adaptation of transmission
  • Replacement of electronic modules

Repair of Pneumatic AirMatic and the ADS System

From time to time we are faced with the vagaries of the pneumatic suspension system AirMatic. These are not news for us and we are able to eliminate these faults.

  • Compressor output test
  • System integrity test
  • Test of hydraulic system leakage
  • AirMatic calibration
  • Gas spring replacement
  • Pneumatic cushion replacement
  • Compressor replacement
  • Replacement of shock absorbers
  • Repair of car receiver
  • Valve block replacement
  • Repair of pneumatic lines

Repair of Hydraulic Systems

Have you noticed an oil slick under your car? Most likely one of the hydraulic systems of your vehicle is broken. Sign up for repair immediately, and we will find and fix this damage.

List of hydraulic systems

  • ABC Suspension
  • Power steering
  • Gearbox cooling
  • Brake lines
  • The folding system of convertible roof
  • Servo trunk
  • Hydraulic hose, tube and fittings

Repair of the Climate Control and Air Conditioning

In winter is chilly, in summer is hot, and in the rainy weather your windshield is misted from the inside? It’s time to pay attention to your climate control system, then you will feel comfortable in your Mercedes-Benz again.

The list of services:

  • Replacement of the filters of the ventilation system.
  • Testing, repair and replacement of the electric motor of the heater.
  • Repair of the cooling fluid loop (Repair of the heating system)
  • Replacement of the heat radiator of the heat exchanger.
  • Measuring the efficiency of the air conditioning compressor.
  • Scheduled replacement of desiccant.
  • Finding and fixing coolant leaks.
  • Troubleshooting of electro heating system

SBC Brakes

Caught fire alert «Service Brake Visit Workshop» or «Brake defective stop vehicle»?

After the diagnosis is made we can also carry out repairs of SBC Brakes.

Service list

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Correction of manufacturing defects
  • Program update
  • Replacement of individual units
  • Electric motor replacement
  • Valve block flush
  • Efficiency check

Parking System PTS and Distronic Plus Repair

Parking assistant stopped to work or a car stopped to hold itself at a distance? It does not matter. Come to MB Abi and we’ll deal with it.

Service list

  • Identification of failure
  • Replacement of parking sensors
  • Fixing wiring of the parking system
  • Coloring the parking aid sensor when necessary

Repair of the SRS AirBag

Airbag warning light on – what does it mean? It means that passenger additional safety system is disabled and requires immediate service treatment.

NB! MB Abi strongly recommends not to skimp on safety of the passengers!

Service list

  • SRS error reset
  • Reset of the crash data in SRS
  • Active protection system Pre Safe control
  • Airbag replacement
  • Seat belts replacement
  • Fixing wiring

Turbine Repair

We are carrying out technical analysis of the turbine condition of your car and fixing the failures.

  • Turbine replacement
  • Turbine repair
  • Repair fund

Dynamic Seat Repair

  • Replacement of the units entirely and separately
  • Leak test
  • Repair of high-voltage control unit

Repairing your Mercedes-Benz with us, you will rely on the results!

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