Specific solutions for Mercedes Benz

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The increase in power and turning torque

Not every owner of Mercedes-Benz knows that his car is capable of more. And often it is capable of!

The torque of the car on the electronical level, for various reasons, could be reduced at the factory.

Knowing this, we raise the power of the engine to the maximum allowable power.

Come to us and we will make your car more efficient.

Faults and Disorders of EGR system

EGR valve is designed to reduce toxicity of exhausted gauses (content of nitrogen oxides NOx: NO and NO2) in the partial loads.

At failure of the engine EGR system it is often possible to avoid a replacement of expensive parts.

Having experience in the resolution of this issue we know exactly how to fix the damage at optimum cost.

Failures of the DPF filter

Since 2011 civilian particulate filter has been set mandatory for cars with diesel engines.

The filter is designed for the most efficient purification of exhaust gases, what the Euro-5 standard dictates.

The filter becomes clogged with soot and damaged at constant trips in the city and the rare long-distance trips.

We will offer you the best solution depending on the degree of contamination.

Failures of the AdBlue system

With the introduction of Euro 5 and Euro 6 standarts the exaust gas SCR purification system together with the AdBlue fluid has been installed.

Despite all the advantages the system has some drawbacks:

-Insistence on high standarts on fuel quality
-Risk of freezing at low frost (-11 C °)

Adblue system is designed for southern regions, in our climate system is not working steady, and therefore requires special attention.

The MB Abi offers the optimal solution.

Extraction of broken heating plugs

Timely unreplaced heating plugs have unpleasant property to break.

In this case, part of the candle remains in the engine, and it can not be removed without special equipment and expertise.

You can watch the process on the video.

Sign up for repair and our experts successfully will help you with it.

Turbine Failures

In addition to tipical failures thermal damage of variable – geometry turbocharger exist.

In some cases, during the thermal damage of geometry, turbine is possible to return to duty.

Using special technology of the factory, we can fix the geometry functionality.

NB! The reconstruction of geometry are carried out only after the pre-fault detection of the unit!

SBC Failures

Expert solutions for the repair and restoration for the one of the most important safety systems of the car.

How does this relate to your safety, we strongly recommend you to replace the SBC block to a new one with a factory warranty, but in some cases we may consider the option of recovery.

The list of services

  • Software recovery
  • Fault detection and replacement of damaged components of the hydraulic unit
  • Brake bleeding and air bleeding using the diagnostic equipment
  • Life prediction of the block

Reprogramming of control units

When some of electronic components fail they may be reprogrammed by restoring their performance or by allowing its reuse.

Remediable blocks

  • The engine control unit
  • Gearbox control unit
  • SRS
  • SBC
  • ZGW
  • SAM
  • Dashboard
  • Egnition lock
  • Start key
  • Command
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