Electrical work

Mercedez – Benz electrical system troubleshooting

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Verification of the main parameters

  • Voltage and accumulator capacity check
  • Calculation of the battery capacity and replacement when necessary
  • Checking the state of charge and generator capacity
  • Check and detection of electric leakage
  • Power distribution on units

Generator Repair

Red battery indicator is on? It means the generator of your car is broken and it does not give a charge on the accumulator.

The vehicle goes until the full discharge of the accumulator in this mode what corresponds to a few kilometers.

Call in on MB Abi, we will repair your generator.

Starter Motor Repair

Do you hear a click instead of the engine of the car is started?

2 options: either the battery is discharged or the starter is stuck.

Call us and we will give you instructions on how to proceed.

Electrical Equipment Repair

It seems many components are beyond repair but some details may be restored.

Do not hesitate to ask our opinion, even everyone said it “cannot be restored.”

Repair and Restoration of Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring is often becomes unusable under the influence of natural conditions and time.

Faulty wiring can cause various types of vehicle failures.

Since we’re the car repair and restoration experts that is why we provide assurance to make your car wiring in shape again.

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